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"Enchanted River - Phillipines
Enchanted River is found in the Phillipines. It is called “enchanted” because no one has ever reached its bottom. Many people, including scuba divers have tried reaching for the bottom but have failed, hence the legend of its bottomless pit. Moreover, locals share that NOBODY has been successful in catching the fish in this river, whether by hand or by spear.
They say its bluish color is a result of its depth and the water clarity changes throughout the day. At around 12:00pm, the water becomes clearer and even more majestic.”

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Our founders built the wall to keep us safe. And they divided us into five groups, Factions, to keep the peace.

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Ow! I hurt my finger!


After watching TWD game, I couldn’t help it but to paint this two. They both have gone through so much, from a stranger becoming the father-daughter relationship. I cried so bad after the end of season 1. This two, is one of my favorite duo. Bless this two. (´;ω;`)


I really love how protective Lee is of Clementine.

I guess you could say he’s father-LEE towards her.

I’ll shut up now.